This sound can help calm you more than any other.

And that leaves us open for joy.

Hey you! Need some joy today? I have an idea for you. ⁠

⁠Feeling too stressed out to feel joy today? ⁠

⁠You can calm your nervous system by listening to ocean sounds. ⁠

⁠Heck, I wish we could all go to the ocean right now. Its rhythm is imprinted in our psyches. Why? When you were in the womb, your body and mind grew with the sound of blood rushing through your mother’s body and the regular sounds of your mother walking, moving, talking, and digesting. They all made a whoosh, with a pulse. It sounded a bit like the ocean. ⁠

⁠This is why, when our daughter would grow fussy and crying in her car seat, we blasted ocean waves sounds in the car. That rhythm felt familiar to her and always calmed her down. ⁠

⁠Find a good soundscape app and listen to the ocean — or any water sound with a regular rhythm — to calm yourself down. ⁠

Here is an 11-hour recording of the sounds of the ocean, should you need it for that long before you calm down. Sometimes I put a recording like this on in the background while I’m creating something new.

Listen to the ocean. It calms everyone.

⁠After you’ve become calm, then comes joy.

Here’s something trippy.

Musicians Elizabeth Hart and Iván Diaz Mathé decided to “…recorded [their daughter] Yupanqui in utero via electrodes on Hart’s abdomen, using “biosonic Midi technology” to turn the the vibrations they picked up into notes that were then to synthesizers.” The kid’s a toddler and she already has an album out.

I haven’t decided if this is an incredible piece of music or a really bad acid trip. Maybe both?