A holiday gift idea

that doesn’t require you shipping anything, or even leaving the house.


Hey you!

Do you know someone who needs more joy? Do you have a friend who’s trying to cut back on things and wants experiences instead? Or someone who wants to spend more time with people who are thoughtful and joyful both?

If you’ve enjoyed reading Finding Your Joy this year, consider giving that person a gift subscription for the holidays.

Give a gift subscription

For $5 a month (or $50 a year, if you want to save some money), subscribers receive a weekly letter about some aspect of joy and how to find more of it. Plus, every other week there’s a profile of someone in the world who is actively working for joy. Community comment threads give us all a chance to talk together. And, there is a weekly Zoom conversation with subscribers, plus occasional by-invitation-only Zoom events.

(2022 is going to bring some new surprises too. Stay tuned.)

For example, at the top of this post is a recording I made for you about the power of a particular breathing technique. It sends the message to your nervous system, almost immediately, that all is well. You stop reacting from the fight, flight, or freeze reaction. You start breathing and living with more calm.

Press play on the recording at the top of this post.

If that recording gave you a technique to find more calm, consider gifting a subscription to this newsletter. You’ll be giving someone more joy, all through the year.

Gifting can be an enormous act of joy.

Finally, you’ll have my joyful gratitude for your support. I’m not conducting an end-of-year pledge drive, like a public radio station, but know that the work I do in this space couldn’t continue without the support of you, the subscribers. This newsletter is at the heart of what I’m doing in my world — writing about how to build a habit of joy and keep practicing it. I’m determined to keep doing this work, plus reach more and more people. Everyone I’ve worked with on this so far has been transformed.

Gifting a subscription supports this joy work. Maybe gift a subscription to 2 or 3 friends!

Giant thank you to those of you who are already subscribers. Your support, comments, and emails give me so much joy.


Want to learn how to put yourself first on your list? I’m offering a new, one-time seminar, on Saturday, January 8th. Build a Habit of Joy is a 90-minute seminar, with a presentation on why your joy matters and how you can build that habit. We’ll also be making time for and questions conversations about joy. Plus, I’ll send you some checklists and playlists afterward that will help you start your habit.

This seminar is only $25. I want you to have this experience.

Spend money on an experience that could help you to change your mind. I promise this will mean more to you than a new coffee mug or bathrobe.